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Have you been suffering from digestive health symptoms and struggling to get the answers that you need?

It can take on average six and a half years to get a diagnosis and one contributing factor to this is that many digestive disorders have overlapping symptoms. Building a bigger picture of what triggers your symptoms is crucial in helping to find much needed answers. 

The OMED Health App can do just that! Track your lifestyle factors, food and drink intake and symptoms with ease, anytime, anywhere.  

Logging has never been easier 

Easily track your symptoms and other lifestyle factors in real time or retrospectively. Use the favourites feature to conveniently log your meals and drink choices, along with the time and severity of your symptoms. Don’t forget factors such as stress, exercise and sleep are also important to keep an eye on so track these too.

Get reliable, effective help from clinicians 

Logging your data is useful, but it is even better when you can start to see trends appearing that you can discuss with a healthcare professional. Try to complete your daily goal of data entries for two to three weeks. This data will build a bigger picture of your digestive health problems helping experts evaluate what could be causing your symptoms.  

The OMED Health App will seamlessly work alongside the soon to be released, OMED Health Breath Analyzer and provide detailed data reports for healthcare professionals to review as they develop and manage your treatment plans. Take regular breath samples after eating or at the onset of symptoms, analysing hydrogen and methane gas levels originating from the microbiome to gain deeper and more valuable insights into some of the process in the gut.

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