OMED Health Breath Analyzer and App

How does it work?

OMED health BReath Analyzer

Why Breath?

Hydrogen and methane, though present in breath, aren’t naturally produced by the body. Instead, microorganisms in our intestines generate these gases as byproducts during the fermentation of carbohydrates. Exhaling these gases provides valuable information, as measuring their levels at specific time points can signify an imbalance in the gut.​

Drawing on years of expertise in breath research, we proudly present the OMED Health Breath Analyzer and App. This sensor-based device precisely measures the levels of hydrogen and methane in your breath, providing detailed readings down to parts per million. Curious about how it works? Explore further below for a deeper insight.

How does the app work?

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Get a plan personalized to you

Understanding your data and the next steps is not always easy. We have partnered with Human People to bring you their IBS-SIBO Solution programme, the fastest way to diagnose your SIBO in days not weeks. A clinician will review your results and give you a diagnosis for your SIBO type. 

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Master Sample Collection

Discover the ease of providing a breath sample with our expert tips. We recognize that this may be a new concept for you, and we’re here to guide you through it smoothly. Take a moment to watch our video for practical insights on mastering the sample process. If you need some extra hints or support with your device, head over to our troubleshooting page for more information.

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How Does the App Work?

Explore how the OMED Health app works, via this video. By combining data about your symptoms, along with your dietary choices and other lifestyle factors and breath samples, our experts can unravel the connections between your symptoms and gut health.

How does the OMEd health App work
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get one of these devices?

The device is soon to launch, we would suggest signing up to the waitlist to be notified of when you can purchase your OMED Health Breath Analyzer.

How do I know if I am breathing out too much Hydrogen or Methane

After giving a breath sample the app on your mobile will give you a level in parts per million, which will inform the expert that reviews your data.

How can you measure just two gases on breath, surely there is much more?

Yes, there are lots of compounds on breath, you are right! However, hydrogen and methane are gases that we know are made by microorganisms in our gut, as a by-product of carbohydrate fermentation. Our device therefore only measure these gases, at this moment.

How easy is it to collect a breath sample?

Breath sampling is very straightforward and takes just a few minutes from the start to the end of the entire process. The app provides clear step-by-step guidance on how to provide a breath sample.

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