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Trace Gases & Breath Testing for Gastrointestinal Disorders: A GI Community Chat

This latest episode of the GI Community Chat Series discusses the current state and future outlook for breath testing related to trace gases.
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Our CEO, Billy Boyle, joined the latest episode of CDI’s GI Community Chat Series. Billy was joined by CDI President and CEO Craig Strasnick and Dr. Anthony Hobson of The Functional Gut Clinic (UK) to discuss the current state and future outlook for breath testing related to GI trace gases.

Listen as our expert guests explore the latest clinical applications for breath testing and provide insights into how this technology can help diagnose and treat various gastrointestinal disorders.

Highlights from the GI Community Chat

  • Hydrogen and methane breath testing is a well-established means of diagnosing some common sources of digestive distress, including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), intestinal methanogen overgrowth (IMO), and carbohydrate malabsorption.
  • There is a continued need to expand upon the established markers, such as hydrogen and methane, to pinpoint the diagnosis even closer and make it more precision-based.
  • Hydrogen sulfide is another trace gas that is produced by bacteria in the gut, and researchers believe it can cause inflammation and other problems in the gut.
  • There is also evidence that hydrogen sulfide may play a role in developing IBS.
  • Owlstone Medical, The Functional Gut Clinic, and CDI are working together to research and develop breath solutions that will properly test for hydrogen sulfide.
  • The future outlook for using breath testing to measure trace gases to diagnose and treat gastrointestinal disorders is promising.

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