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Improving Gut Health for Women with Breath Tests

We discussed accurate gut health diagnosis and the impact of breath research on digestive diseases with Femtech World.
FemTech feature - women gut health

OMED Health has been in the news again! We recently spoke with Femtech World on the importance of accurate diagnosis of gut health conditions especially for women, and how breath research could change the way we learn about digestive disease.  

Femtech World is a news platform on a mission to contribute to closing the gender health gap and aims to give the community a voice by breaking down professional borders and spreading opportunities to destigmatize women’s health. 

The article, titled, ‘How breath analysis tech is revolutionising women’s gut health’, sees Dr Nabeetha Nagalingam, principal translational scientist at OMED Health, discuss how accurate data is essential in tackling the gut health epidemic. 

A snippet of the piece is: The landscape of gut health presents unique challenges for women, and in the era of the growing interest in gut health, the need for evidence-based decisions has never been greater. 

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Gut health in women.

Dr Nagalingam outlines how many women report becoming more sensitive to certain foods during the days around their periods, which could be down to hormonal shifts and a change in the transit time of food through the digestive system. Further research in this area is desperately needed.  

If you think that your gut health symptoms could be more than period-related discomfort, diagnostic tests like Hydrogen Methane Breath Tests (HMBTs) could help you. These tests detect gases in exhaled breath that originate from gut bacteria, helping to pinpoint issues like food intolerances or underlying problems such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).  

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The article continues: The diverse and unique nature of the gut means that assessing digestive health is a major challenge – not to mention treating it. Instead of succumbing to marketing trends or cutting out food groups based on advice from influencers, people should focus on tracking individual reactions to foods and products. 

If you are interested in longitudinal monitoring of your response to food groups, the soon-to-be-launched OMED Health Breath Analyzer and App aims to help sufferers learn more about what triggers their digestive discomfort. Linked to our clinician network, users can collect breath samples via the device to measure the levels of hydrogen and methane in the breath and capture key lifestyle insights via the app. With this data, clinicians can advise on the most appropriate treatment, should it be needed, or provide other guidance to help you make informed decisions about your gut health. You can join our waitlist for priority access to the OMED Health Breath Analyzer and App. 

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